New construction and renovation of various heating furnaces, general contracting of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection projects related to metallurgical fields and heating furnaces (ie EPC projects): One is the new construction and renovation of steel rolling heating furnaces, including various heating furnaces, such as walking furnaces. , push steel furnace, slab, bar wire, round bar heating furnace, heating furnace with conventional combustion technology and regenerative combustion technology, as well as heating furnaces for various steel pipes, round bars, steel ingots, heat treatment furnaces, etc.; the second is Energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection project Shanghai Xuanding can provide an integrated and complete set of comprehensive solutions for the production process of iron and steel enterprises; blast furnace gas equalization recovery, rest air release, blast furnace gas source fine desulfurization, sintering flue gas circulation, slag stewing / rolling mill / Sintering wet dust removal, heating furnace gas backflushing, heating furnace flue gas desulfurization, dust removal and denitrification, heating furnace fixed bed dry desulfurization, heating furnace fixed bed dry desulfurization and denitrification integrated, etc.;

Import and export trade

Equipped with a professional import and export team, proficient in import and export trade practices, including shipping packaging of goods, logistics organization, letter of credit, booking and customs declaration, presentation of documents, double certification of documents, etc.; has a complete quality management system, from plan formulation, engineering technology , Detailed design to the processing and manufacturing of equipment and materials, testing before leaving the factory, and the whole process control of the erection, commissioning and production after arriving at the site, through multi-level audit, inspection, supervision, node control and other measures to ensure the final product quality; The executive team members all have rich experience in overseas project implementation and work experience in similar projects; in particular, they have experience and accumulation of experience in project implementation in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.?

Service And Dispatch

Technical service and personnel dispatch As a consultant, providing technical consulting, process control, coordination, management and other services; as an agent, establishing a bridge for communication and cooperation between customers and domestic high-quality suppliers; personnel dispatch, for various types of industrial industries (such as Refractory production lines, iron and steel complexes, etc.) provide human resources for technical support, production management, repair, overhaul and maintenance, process guidance, etc.

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