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Heating furnace engineer
Chief technical engineer of industrial furnace
Mechanical Design Engineer

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Adhere to the employment concept of "people-oriented and make the best use of their talents", 

comprehensively safeguard the rights and interests of employees, and provide employees withA good development platform, 

strive to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, promote the company's strategic transformation, and achieve the common development of enterprises and employees

Education and training

In order to cultivate a team of employees with strong pioneering and innovative ability and leadership, mastering systematic modern management knowledge and the latest developments in international economic and technological development, Prime provides all-round systematic training for employees.

Education and training adopts internal and external training methods, and carries out internal training in various forms and rich contents. It invites well-known experts at home and abroad to give lectures from time to time, and jointly organizes classes with well-known domestic institutions of higher learning. With the help of internal and external educational resources, it cultivates a team of excellence and continuous Innovative workforce.

Prime is committed to promoting employee learning, promoting knowledge creation and resource sharing, building a learning organization, and realizing the common progress of enterprises and employees.

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Equipment engineer, heating furnace designer, industrial furnace construction manager, mechanical design engineer, electrical automation engineer, thermal power engineer, project construction manager, environmental protection engineer.

The company has good benefits, high salary, and good salary. Our only requirement is that you can complete the task on time. Xuan Ding sincerely looks forward to your joining.

HR:Zhang rui 021-24259989

Prime Metallurgy Technology Group

Telephone:+86 21 24259995

Fax::+86 21 24259992

Address:Room 101, Building 1, No. 396, Xinfu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai




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