Shanghai Prime Metallurgical Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Prime Metallurgical Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as prime Group) is a group company integrating technical consulting and services, general contracting of engineering projects, and production and processing of environmental protection materials;

Shanghai high-tech enterprise mainly focusing on metallurgical engineering, industrial furnace engineering and environmental protection engineering;

Prime Group has a complete professional design team for heating furnace technology, smelting technology, environmental protection technology, mechanical equipment, three-electrical automation, vaporization cooling, hydraulic lubrication, water supply and drainage, HVAC, and civil engineering; professional procurement and strict construction management system; there is a perfect after-sales service team.

The industrial furnace division, smelting division and environmental protection division are closely connected and coordinated to realize the combination of process and environmental protection in the true sense, which can better ensure the production effect and target emission.


Technology research and development and innovation is the philosophy that Xuan Ding has always adhered to;

Shanghai Xuanding has established a long-term strategic partnership with Baosteel Laboratory. With the help of Baosteel Laboratory's experimental furnace, perfect and complete energy medium and testing equipment and facilities, Shanghai Xuanding has completed its various process routes, patented equipment products, Experiment and testing of various new materials;

Experiment platform

1662432571750270.png  1662432572475485.png  1662432572422758.png

Regenerative burner/denitrification burner/low nitrogen burner/environmental 

protection equipment experimental test and on-site pilot test

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Prime Metallurgy Technology Group

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