Shandong Juneng Heating Furnace Flue Gas Fixed Bed Desulfurization

Shandong Juneng Special Steel Heating Furnace Flue Gas Fixed Bed Desulfurization Project

Shandong Juneng Special Steel Rolling Plant currently has three production lines, which are the second line/third line/new rolling line, and each line is equipped with a heating furnace;

In response to the national environmental protection requirements and calls, and to achieve coordinated development with the ecological environment, a flue gas fixed-bed desulfurization system is built to support the heating furnace;

The project was undertaken by Shanghai Xuanding Metallurgical Technology Group Co., Ltd. The production capacity of the second-line heating furnace is 100T/H, and the production capacity of the third-line/new rolling line heating furnace is 120T/H. The blast furnace gas dual regenerative combustion technology is adopted;

Using fixed-bed dry desulfurization technology, an independent desulfurization system is set up for the air and soot systems. The system is equipped with fixed-bed desulfurization towers, valves and pipes, newly added smoke exhaust fans, electrical automation systems and other equipment and facilities;

The desulfurization tower is an axial countercurrent uniform distribution desulfurization tower of Shanghai Xuanding. The internal structure design ensures uniform distribution and uniform air distribution;

The desulfurizer is produced by Shanghai Xuanding's own factory to ensure the performance index of the desulfurizer to the greatest extent;








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