Tangshan Guoyi Desulfurization and Denitrification (Fixed Bed Desulfurization + SCR Denitrification)

Since the establishment of Shanghai Xuanding, based on the traditional business (general contracting of furnace and kiln projects), at the same time, it has fully carried out the development and practice of environmental protection business. , to achieve a beneficial combination of technology + environmental protection;

For heating furnace flue gas desulfurization and denitrification projects, in addition to the conventional SDS + dust removal + SCR denitration, fixed bed desulfurization + SCR denitrification process routes and engineering projects can be provided, and ideal results and discharge standards can be achieved. It has obvious advantages in many aspects such as calcium sulfate), floor space and investment cost;

Tangshan Guoyi Fixed Bed Desulfurization + SCR Denitrification Project

Tangshan Guoyi narrow strip steel heating furnace adopts fixed bed dry desulfurization + SCR catalyst denitration process;

Project overview




Production effect:

Before commissioning

See picture below

It can be seen that before the operation, the sulfide is 50-80 mg/m3, and the nitrogen oxide is about 200 mg/m3;

After being put into operation, the sulfide can be controlled to be close to 0, and the nitrogen oxides can be controlled within 50 mg/m3 according to the needs; especially, when the SCR system is not put into operation at the beginning (when the ammonia water system is not started), the desulfurizer itself can affect the nitrogen oxides. The reduction effect of the pollutants is very obvious, and the ammonia-free denitrification is feasible and effective;

Before operation -1


Before operation -2

Desulfurization and denitrification system interface (including pollutant data parameters)


After putting into operation

put into operation-1

Heating furnace operation interface


put into operation-2

CEMS parameter display interface


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