Taiwan Shangcheng 220-ton slab heating furnace project

The 1# heating furnace project of 1675mm hot continuous rolling production line of Taiwan Shangcheng Iron and Steel Company, which was contracted by SINOMACH Chengdu Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. and subcontracted by Shanghai Xuanding, was officially tapped at 14:08 pm on August 8, 2019. After the steel was finished, according to the requirements of the technical agreement, all parties tested and inspected the performance parameters of the heating furnace throughout the day on August 13, 2019. The production effect was very satisfactory and the indicators were excellent;

The tapping frequency is within 360 seconds, and the output can be continuously and stably above 220T/H;

For 250mm thick billets, the temperature uniformity is within 20 degrees;

Oxidative burn loss can be well controlled within 0.7%;

After applying Xuanding's self-developed low-nitrogen burner, nitrogen oxide emissions can be well controlled within 50PPM;



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