Inventory some basic information of desulfurizers

When we see the desulfurizer, I believe that many people are still relatively unfamiliar, because if we don’t remove it very much, we don’t know what it is used for. In fact, this product has a wide range of uses. In order to allow more People can be familiar with it, let's introduce some basic information of desulfurizer? If you want to know, come check it out.

There are still many knowledge points that need to be understood before using a desulfurizer. For example, you need to know where it is usually used, its characteristics and matters to be paid attention to when using it. This article will explain these to everyone. In fact, desulfurizers generally refer to agents that remove free sulfur or sulfur compounds in fuels, raw materials or other materials. It generally refers to the agent used to remove sulfur oxides in exhaust gas in the control and treatment of pollutants. If this is explained, I believe everyone will understand. However, you need to pay attention to many problems when using it. What you also need to know here is that the desulfurizer is also produced with cheap lime, limestone and alkaline solution prepared with calcareous agents. In chemical plants, smelters, etc., solutions such as sodium carbonate and alkaline aluminum sulfate are often used as desulfurizers to treat tail gas containing sulfur dioxide, which can be desorbed and recycled.

After understanding what a desulfurizer is, let's take a look at other related information. In fact, its main purpose is to remove sulfur dioxide from flue gas. Moreover, the desulfurizer is a solid desulfurizer, which can be desulfurized with or without oxygen. When the desulfurizer is used, its principle is to chemically adsorb the sulfur-containing compounds in the exhaust gas into the pores of the desulfurizer, and then change its chemical composition to purify the gas. What the staff also needs to grasp here is that when the desulfurizer is saturated, that is, it no longer has the desulfurization capacity, it needs to be regenerated, for example, when it uses steam for stripping regeneration. However, you must understand that when the desulfurizer is used for a long time, its activity will continue to decline, which should also be paid attention to.

The content of the above article is to introduce some basic information about the desulfurizer for you.

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