The main purpose of the performance of the desulfurizer

Desulfurizers are favored by users because of their large sulfur capacity and low price. For its basic information, we have given you a detailed introduction before, so at least it will not be unfamiliar when you see it now. This desulfurizer can be regenerated by air at room temperature and is very popular in the market. The following will explain its performance and main uses for everyone.

Although the desulfurizer has many advantages when it is used, as a user, you still need to know that the desulfurizer still has some problems such as poor strength, pulverization in contact with water, and low precision requirements for desulfurization technology. , which affects its industrial application. So everyone should pay attention to this. Here you need to know that the desulfurizer has high precision: other than that, its reaction speed is fast when it is used. Generally, the air velocity of 1000-20000h-1 is 3.6 times higher than that of fe2o3, and desulfurization The agent also has some basic properties for operating sulfur capacity. It has good strength and good water resistance. Boiled for 2 hours or soaked for 30 days without pulverization, and the strength conditions remain unchanged. When used, the temperature range is wide and can reach 5-90 °C. The products produced by our company also meet these advantages. If necessary, you can order here.

In addition to the performance of the desulfurizer, you can also use it under no O2 or high CO2 conditions. Here, too, the H2S sulfur content is 12-15% in the absence of oxygen. It is precisely because of these advantages that it is suitable for natural gas, water gas, semi-water gas, air for coal gas, coke oven gas, shift gas, CO2 regeneration gas, food CO2, raw material gas for steel production, biogas, petroleum university chemical industry, etc. Among the H2S of the gas. Therefore, the use is quite extensive, and when you see it in the future, you will know where it is used. In addition, we also need to grasp that the desulfurizer can also be used with the hydrolysis 504 catalyst and supporting funds to achieve H2S+CO2≤0.06ppm. In this way, the deficiency of traditional activated carbon sulfur agent will be made up, and the application of iron oxide as a new process technology for desulfurization agent will be more widely used. If you still have questions that you don't understand, you can always consult our professional customer service staff, they will help you patiently answer your questions.

The above article is to introduce the performance of the desulfurizer and its use. You'll understand when you watch it. You can also ask us any other questions in this regard. There are also professional staff on the website to receive you, or you can directly call to ask.

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