Application and characteristics of iron oxide desulfurizer

Iron oxide desulfurizer is based on the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, high space velocity and linear velocity of various raw materials in my country's chemical industry. After several years of research, advanced process equipment and advanced technology have been successfully produced. , A new generation of active iron oxide desulfurizer with high activity, high efficiency and high precision at room temperature. Iron oxide desulfurizer is a brown-yellow columnar high-efficiency desulfurizer at room temperature, which is processed by adding iron oxide as the main active ingredient and adding various accelerators.

The desulfurizer has the characteristics of large capacity, high purification, high strength, no sludge in contact with water, simple equipment, convenient operation, and easy regeneration. It can also remove hydrogen sulfide with high precision even under harsh conditions such as oxygen and ammonia. At the same time, it also has a certain removal effect on organic sulfur and oxygen.

Desulfurizers are mainly used for fine desulfurization of city gas, fertilizer and other coal gas or synthetic raw gas, and can also be used in metallurgy, light industry and environmental protection departments to remove hydrogen sulfide in water gas, coke oven gas and natural gas. The present invention has the characteristics of simple equipment, convenient operation, high purification degree, small bed resistance, strong adaptability, fast desulfurization, high sulfur capacity and no secondary pollution, and can also remove high-precision desulfurization even under severe conditions such as oxygen and ammonia. In addition to hydrogen sulfide. The moisture in the desulfurizer is used as a medium, and its amount should be less than 10%. When using, a small amount of water vapor is required in the gas to prevent the gas flow from taking away the moisture in the desulfurizer, but it is not appropriate to use a large amount of water vapor to prevent the micropores from being blocked due to condensation in the bed. The adsorption desulfurizer and the gas flow are in different contact sequences, and the amount of sulfur absorbed is also different. In order to achieve a higher utilization rate of the desulfurizer, the first tower desulfurizer is deactivated first, the first tower desulfurizer is updated, the gas passes through in the order of 2-3-1, and then the second tower desulfurizer is replaced. Let the gas pass through in the order of 3-1-2 to make the desulfurizer reach the maximum adsorption value.

Moreover, the loading amount of the desulfurizer will directly affect the use effect, which must attract the attention of customers. During the loading process, the following requirements should be noted. Since a certain amount of dust is generated during transportation, it should be screened during loading. When loading, it is forbidden to step on the desulfurizer. You can use a wooden board to pad on the material layer, and then scrape the material to check the loading situation.

Iron oxide desulfurizer has low cost, good desulfurization effect under anaerobic conditions, and large working sulfur capacity; at low temperature, the product has the characteristics of high water resistance, no sludge, stable desulfurization activity, and no crushing. And has been widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer production, food carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide regeneration gas, water gas, natural gas, coke oven gas, water gas, oil field gas, biogas, H2, CO2, chemical synthesis gas (such as methanol, acetic acid, DMF, ammonia, polypropylene) etc. (Note: Strictly soak, store in a cool and dry place, prevent friction when mixed with heavy objects).

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