What aspects should we pay attention to when storing and transporting desulfurizers?

What aspects should we pay attention to when storing and transporting desulfurizers? On the one hand, the storage and transportation of desulfurizers are very important for future use, and there are many details that need attention. Improper management of this aspect, the desulfurizer is easy to deteriorate, the product performance declines, and the use is affected. Therefore, the storage and transportation of desulfurizers should not be careless. So what aspects should we pay attention to in the storage and transportation of desulfurizers?

1. Precautions for storage of desulfurizers.

1. It should be stored in a relatively open place and will not be affected by other corrosive substances.

2. It should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent rupture of the inner and outer bags of the package, direct contact with the outside world, adsorption of other substances, and reduce the ability to adsorb hydrogen sulfide and its use effect.

3. Avoid stacking the desulfurization catalyst with other pollutants, so as not to mix or affect its use characteristics.

4. Since this product has certain chemical reactivity, if it is not ventilated or exposed to the sun for a long time, it will have a certain impact on its use effect.

5. There are many kinds of desulfurization agents, such as MQ desulfurization catalyst, MSQ desulfurization catalyst, PYS composite tannin extract desulfurization catalyst, cobalt phthalocyanine desulfurization catalyst, etc. Desulfurizers should be stored separately from reducing agents, acids, inflammables, etc. And should not be mixed in large quantities or stored for a long time. Storage areas should be equipped with suitable spill material. When storing, put the desulfurizer in a glass reagent bottle and use a rubber stopper, otherwise the stopper and bottle can easily stick together.

6. On cloudy or rainy days, the temperature is low, and the moisture is not easy to dissipate. Therefore, it is necessary to save the desulfurizer reasonably and put it in the storage tank as much as possible. If it is stacked outside, it is best to use a bag and waterproof it in time. Avoid the deterioration of the desulfurizer and reduce the product performance.

2. Precautions for the transportation of desulfurizers.

1. During the transportation of wet desulfurizer, attention should be paid to prevent a lot of vibration and friction from being mixed with hard objects, so as to reduce the crushing of carbon particles and affect the use.

2. During fire prevention, storage or transportation, prevent direct contact with the fire source to prevent fire.

3. It should be shipped separately during transportation. During shipping, make sure the bag has not leaked, dropped or damaged. Transport vehicles should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment of the corresponding variety and quantity. It is strictly forbidden to transport in parallel with flammable materials, organic materials, reducing agents, spontaneous combustion items, wet flammable items, etc.

4. During transportation, the speed should not be too fast, and forcible overtaking is not allowed. Before and after loading and unloading, the transport vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned, and it is strictly forbidden to mix with impurities such as organic matter and combustible matter. In the process of automobile transportation, avoid storage and transportation with acidic substances. Pay attention to rain protection during transportation. In the event of a fire, extinguish the fire with water, sand or ordinary fire extinguishers.

5. Pyrs composite tannin extract desulfurization catalyst, cobalt phthalocyanine desulfurization catalyst, etc. Foaming is strictly prohibited. This product is a porous adsorbent, so it is necessary to prevent water immersion during transportation, storage and use. After soaking in water, a large amount of water fills the pores of the activated carbon, making the activated carbon useless.

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