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The coal is added to the coal storage bunker by the coal hopper, and the coal is injected into the furnace through the stoker. Then the coal is dried and retorted in the retorting section of the gas furnace. The coal moves down slowly, the temperature gradually increases, and reaches the gasification section after 10-12 hours. In the dry distillation section, the heat generated by the gas in the partially ascending gasification section releases the moisture in the coal, the tar and most of the sulfides are also dry distilled, and hydrocarbons are produced, which are combined with the gas in the partially ascending gasification section. The upper gas is formed. The coal char entering into the gasification section becomes semi-coke-like, and after the gasification reaction, part of the generated gas goes up to the dry distillation section, and a part forms the lower gas.

The upper stage gas leaves the gas furnace and enters the electric tar remover by the cyclone decoker to remove the tar carried by the gas, and then mixes with the lower stage gas.

After most of the dust is removed by the cyclone dust collector, the gas in the lower section enters the air cooler through the wet disc valve. After cooling by the air cooler, the gas decreases from about 400-500 to about 150-180, and then mixes with the gas in the upper section.

The mixed gas enters an electrostatic precipitator to remove dust and light oil from the gas. It is then further cooled to normal temperature by an indirect cooler.

The mixed gas is pressurized by the gas compressor and sent to the desulfurization system for desulfurization, and the final clean gas is sent to the kiln for use. The coal tar, light oil and condensate separated from the electric tar remover, electrostatic precipitator and washing tower enter the separation tank. After separation, the coal tar and light oil can be supplied externally or together with the condensate for boiler production. Fuel, condensate can also be mixed with pulverized coal to make coal water slurry as fuel.


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