Lime Kiln (Single-machine complete project)


The process flow of the co-current regenerative active double-chamber shaft kiln is divided into four systems, namely raw material storage and transportation, lime kiln feeding and thermal calcination, and finished product transportation, storage and transportation.

The storage and transportation of raw materials is mainly that the raw limestone is transported to the stone factory by the car, and the hopper is caught by the loader located in the material yard, and then transported to the kiln front warehouse through the conveyor belt, and the stone enters the kiln front warehouse through the vibrating feeder. The weighing hopper in front of the kiln falls into the feeding trolley afterward;

The lime kiln feeding system mainly lifts the feeding car to the top of the kiln through the feeding hoisting system, the stone falls into the weighing hopper on the top of the kiln, and the stone is transported to the reversible belt by the vibrating feeder set under the weighing hopper on the top of the kiln. On the top, the limestone can be bidirectionally loaded into the rotating hopper at the top of the two kiln chambers through the reversible belt limestone to prepare for charging;

After entering the kiln, the limestone is heated to 1100 to calcine the limestone; the finished product transportation and storage mainly transport the finished lime from the bottom of the kiln to the lime silo for storage.


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