Production base introduction

Jiangsu Xuanding New Materials Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company of Xuanding Group. It is a research and development, production and sales company of new environmental protection materials. It mainly focuses on blast furnace gas fine desulfurization catalysts, adsorbents, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification adsorbents, flue gas Product development and production in the fields of denitration catalysts and adsorbents.

In order to better meet the needs of customers, especially the needs of short-term large-volume desulfurizers, Xuanding Group has established a number of special production and processing bases for desulfurizers based on Jiangsu Xuanding. The parallel situation of multiple processing bases such as Jiangsu Haian, Shandong Jining, Shandong Liaocheng, Anhui Tongling, etc., can achieve an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons after being put into use;

Relying on Xuanding Group and its own scientific research team, each material production base provides a comprehensive package of process solutions for various working conditions of end users. Combined with the process route, it provides targeted special materials to achieve users' environmental protection standards and realize investment. and operating cost optimization.

Based on the above, Xuan Ding Group can provide the following services at the same time:

1) Based on the close integration of its own industrial furnace and environmental protection business department, it can provide general contracting services for fixed-bed dry desulfurization projects;

2) Based on the cooperation of its multiple processing bases, it can provide desulfurizer material supply services;

3) Provide corresponding technical consultation, transformation and other services to the owner's existing projects to help steel enterprises meet emission standards;

Production equipment and facilities: mixing



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Finished product

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Desulfurizer Specifications

Calcium hydroxide is used as the base material for desulfurizer, and the active ingredient is spread. When the desulfurizer is manufactured, it should be combined with the actual sulfide concentration on site, so that the strength and activity/efficiency of the desulfurizer can reach the best balance point;

The production process of desulfurizer includes dry mixing, wet mixing, extrusion molding, drying (including foaming) and other processes;

Dry mixing and wet mixing should ensure uniform mixing;

The extrusion process should pay attention to the extrusion pressure control, so as to control the strength of the product to meet the needs of the working conditions of the project;

After drying, it should be ensured that the material has no free water to ensure efficiency;

The final product should be used after the simulated flue gas performance test, etc.;


Note 1:

The basic type is the most basic specification of the desulfurizer, which can be adjusted according to the actual sulfide, dust and moisture content on site;

If there is a need to remove nitrogen oxides, an extended type, such as PRIM-TL01N, can be used;

If the water content on site is high, targeted design is required;

If the fuel medium is other fuels, it needs to be designed according to the characteristics of the fuel itself;

Desulfurizer Features

Targeted design for furnace flue gas such as heating furnace and hot blast furnace

Targeted design for multiple types of gas media such as blast furnace gas and converter gas

Different targeted designs for high/low sulfur, high/low dust, water/humidity, nitrogen oxide content, etc.

Successfully applied to multiple furnaces and kilns, data accumulation for different working conditions guides further project applications

Application effect of desulfurizer and index discharge







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