Blast furnace gas fine desulfurization

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With the increasingly strict national environmental protection requirements and the continuous introduction of relevant environmental protection policies and indicators, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and other five ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of Ultra-Low Emissions in the Iron and Steel Industry" (Huanqiqi [2019] No. 35), Hebei and Shandong , Shanxi, Henan and many other regions have successively put forward requirements for ultra-low emission of sulfides. The above all clearly pointed out that blast furnace (coke oven) gas should adopt the source fine desulfurization technology;

Through years of accumulation, Shanghai Xuanding has successfully completed the technical reserve work of fine desulfurization at the source of blast furnace gas, and completed the technical pilot test. Absorption of multi-stage desulfurization process technology”;

At the same time, according to the different needs of customers, Shanghai Xuanding can provide customers with professional customized services, including on-site gas composition testing services, on-site mobile pilot test services, etc.;

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Pilot-scale experiment of on-site blast furnace gas fine desulfurization in an iron and steel enterprise in Shanghai Xuanding Shandong

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The process of directly removing H2S cannot meet the requirements of ultra-low emission standards, so to achieve the fine desulfurization of blast furnace gas, the level of sulfur content of blast furnace gas less than 25mg/Nm3 (or H2S content determined according to environmental protection requirements) must be divided into two levels. Step to complete:

Carbonyl sulfide hydrolysis conversion + H2S removal (wet method or activated carbon adsorption method), the process flow is shown in the following figure:

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Process flow chart of fine desulfurization of blast furnace gas in Shanghai Xuanding

Detailed description of the process flow:

1. Hydrolysis conversion of carbonyl sulfide:

The blast furnace gas dedusted from the bag first passes through the protective reactor to remove harmful impurities in the gas;

The blast furnace gas after impurity removal enters the COS hydrolysis reactor, so that the COS in the gas is hydrolyzed into H2S, and the blast furnace gas after hydrolysis goes to the H2S removal system;

2. Removal of inorganic sulfur such as hydrogen sulfide:

2.1: The blast furnace gas after TRT enters from the lower part of the desulfurization tower. In the desulfurization tower, the gas is in countercurrent contact with the desulfurization liquid, and the hydrogen sulfide in the gas is absorbed. Qualified and clean gas is sent to the clean gas main pipe for supply to gas tanks or end users;

2.2: Activated carbon is arranged inside the adsorption tower, the reactor adopts radial flow, the design is advanced, the top is charged, and the bottom of the adsorbent is discharged;

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