Integrated treatment of flue gas desulfurization, dust removal, and denitrification in heating furnaces


The integrated treatment of desulfurization, dust removal and denitrification, that is, the effect of flue gas end treatment and the prospect of new technologies

In the production process of iron and steel enterprises, according to the needs of the overall energy medium balance, various energy media such as blast furnace gas, converter gas, and coke oven gas will be used in various types of furnaces, such as hot blast stoves, power plant boilers, and rolling mill heating. In the production process of the furnace, the flue gas will contain various pollutants such as sulfides, nitrogen oxides, and dust;

According to the requirements of the national environmental protection policy, various provinces, cities and regions are successively carrying out the control of flue gas pollutants;

At the beginning of 2021, Tangshan City, Hebei Province took the lead in starting large-scale flue gas pollutant control work, and rolling steel heating furnaces, hot blast furnaces, etc. were successively equipped with desulfurization and denitrification systems;

1. Process route selection

Sulfide treatment:

1.1 Source governance

Source treatment (that is, fine desulfurization at the source of blast furnace gas, and removal of carbonyl sulfide-COS and inorganic sulfur-H2S, etc.) can be adopted;

1.2 End management

According to the different process routes, it is divided into fixed bed dry desulfurization and SDS dry desulfurization. Both methods can achieve standard discharge, and can be selected according to the actual situation of the site;

Wet desulfurization (dual-alkali method, etc.) is rarely used due to its large area and many shortcomings such as the need to configure a water system; SCR catalyst denitration method is generally used in nitrogen oxide control;

2. Case introduction

Since the establishment of Shanghai Xuanding, based on the traditional business (general contracting of furnace and kiln projects), at the same time, it has fully carried out the development and practice of environmental protection business. , to achieve a beneficial combination of technology + environmental protection;

Based on the technical reserves and accumulation in various fields such as smelting, furnace and environmental protection, it can provide:

Pollutant treatment from source treatment to end treatment, comprehensive comparison and selection of end treatment methods, targeted solutions and other services and general contracting business, and achieve environmental protection standard discharge;

Case Introduction 1: Tangshan Guoyi Fixed Bed Desulfurization + SCR Denitrification Project

Tangshan Guoyi narrow strip steel heating furnace adopts fixed bed dry desulfurization + SCR catalyst denitration process;

Project overview




Production effect:

Before commissioning.

See picture below.

It can be seen that before the operation, the sulfide is 50-80 mg/m3, and the nitrogen oxide is about 200 mg/m3;

After being put into operation, the sulfide can be controlled to be close to 0, and the nitrogen oxides can be controlled within 50 mg/m3 according to the needs; especially, when the SCR system is not put into operation at the beginning (when the ammonia water system is not started), the desulfurizer itself can affect the nitrogen oxides. The reduction effect of the pollutants is very obvious, and the ammonia-free denitrification is feasible and effective;

Before operation -1.


Before operation -2

Desulfurization and denitrification system interface (including pollutant data parameters)


After putting into operation

put into operation-1

Heating furnace operation interface


put into operation-2

CEMS parameter display interface


Case Introduction 2 Tangshan Wenfeng SDS + Dust Removal + SCR Desulfurization, Dust Removal and Denitrification Project

Tangshan Wenfeng has a total of three heating furnaces, all of which use SDS baking soda dry desulfurization + dust collector + SCR catalyst denitration process route;

construction process


General drawing overview

1662539356567835.png  1662539361179381.png



Production effect





3. Governance effect and new technology prospect

governance effect

With the full cooperation of various business departments and its own technical reserves, Shanghai Xuanding has put into operation the desulfurization and denitrification projects, whether it is the conventional SDS + dust removal + SCR process technology of Wenfeng, or the new fixed bed desulfurization technology of Guoyi. ideal effect;

In particular, the Guoyi fixed bed project, on the basis of achieving the ideal desulfurization effect, has carried out very useful explorations and attempts on the denitrification of ammonia-free water, and achieved phased results and effects;

New Technology Outlook

For the conventional SDS + dust removal + SCR process route, how to make it more targeted to correspond to the flue gas characteristics of the kiln, so as to achieve maximum economy, is our next main goal and direction; at the same time, to replace the baking soda, In order to solve the difficult problem of sodium sulfate solid waste treatment, we have already achieved certain staged results, and we are expected to carry out comprehensive promotion and general engineering application as soon as possible;

For the fixed-bed process route, the realization of ammonia-free denitrification is the focus of the current stage of work while the desulfurization is completed. Judging from the projects that have been put into production, the integration of ammonia-free denitrification, that is, the integration of fixed-bed desulfurization and denitrification, has been in operation for a certain period of time. , the effect is ideal;

In order to better achieve technological breakthroughs and provide customers with more high-quality and timely services, Jiangsu Xuanding New Materials, a joint venture established by Shanghai Xuanding, will undertake the tasks of research and development and application of the above-mentioned core key materials;

Based on the establishment of the new material company, we can provide customers with operations, maintenance services and solid waste material recycling services;

Vision and Mission

Shanghai Xuanding's branches, subsidiaries, business divisions, and new material production bases are dedicated to providing the best services to our customers;

Shanghai Xuanding will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, and contribute to the environmental protection standards of the steel industry.

Jointly prepared by Shanghai Xuanding Furnace Division and Environmental Protection Division


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