Wet dust removal (slag/sintering/rolling mill)

Application of wet dust removal technology

1. Environmental policy requirements

On January 9, 2020, the China Environmental Protection Industry Association issued the "Technical Guidelines for Ultra-Low Emission Transformation of Iron and Steel Enterprises", which clearly stated that dedusting facilities for rolling mills should be built. 

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment and other five ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of Ultra-Low Emissions in the Iron and Steel Industry" (Huanqiqi [2019] No. 35), requiring steel enterprises across the country to gradually transform and significantly reduce emission levels. 

In June 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued (extremely urgent) "Technical Guidelines for Formulating Emergency Emission Reduction Measures for Key Industries in Heavy Pollution Weather" (Huanqiqi [2020] No. 340), the finishing mill in the rolling workshop adopts plastic burning plate dust removal or spray dust suppression , Steel slag hot stewed waste gas adopts high-efficiency wet dust collector.

2. Comparison and selection of dust removal schemes


The above:

The soot produced by rolling mills and slag contains steam, oil mist, and metal particles, which is different from common soot; generally, the filter and dust removal methods such as bag filter and plastic sintered plate filter need to consider problems such as condensed water and blockage;

According to the investigation and investigation of multiple projects, when the plastic sintering board process is adopted, when the ambient temperature is low, the problem of condensed water is more significant, which will lead to increased system resistance, blockage of the plastic sintering board, and dust in the workshop cannot be discharged, no matter whether it is organized or discharged. Unorganized emissions cannot meet environmental protection requirements, and the on-site working conditions are harsh;

Adopt high-efficiency wet dust removal, low one-time investment, low operating cost, no impact on ambient temperature, condensed water, etc., can operate effectively and stably for a long time, and ensure that the production conditions are qualified and the emission is up to standard;

3. Application and effect of Shanghai Xuanding wet dust removal technology

Aiming at the characteristics of the flue gas generated by the rolling mill, slag slag, sintering and other links, and at the same time effectively avoiding many problems in the process of plastic sintering and other processes, Shanghai Xuanding has specially launched this curved wire mesh wet dust removal technology based on years of engineering practice. ;

The technology adopts detachable/reversible vacuum hood, along the process spray + curved wire mesh wet dust removal method, which can ensure that the organized emission index meets the standard;


At present, the technology has been successfully applied in many fields such as rolling mill dust removal, slag dust removal, one-mix two-mix dust removal, etc. in iron and steel enterprises, and the production effect and indicators are excellent;

3.1 Application of rolling mill dust removal

Reversible hood



Medium speed filter and water circulation system



Curved wire mesh and wet dust collector



3.2 Application of slag dust removal




3.3 Effect and Indicator Guarantee

Rolling mill dust removal third-party inspection report

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