The application of dust and nitrate integrated type namely ceramic filter cartridge

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In the production process of iron and steel enterprises, according to the needs of the overall energy medium balance, various energy media such as blast furnace gas, converter gas, and coke oven gas will be used in various types of furnaces, such as hot blast stoves, power plant boilers, and rolling mill heating. In the production process of the furnace, the flue gas will contain various pollutants such as sulfides, nitrogen oxides, and dust;

According to the requirements of the national environmental protection policy, various provinces, cities and regions are successively carrying out the control of flue gas pollutants;

Among the many process routes for the treatment of sulfides, nitrogen oxides, dust and other pollutants, the two process routes of SDS dry desulfurization + dust collector + SCR denitration or fixed bed dry desulfurization + SCR denitration are the most extensive and common;

We recommend a dust-nitrification-integrated process route. Comparatively speaking, it covers a small area and has low operating costs. It is also widely used in desulfurization and denitrification in many industries.

1. Process description

The specific implementation methods are as follows:

The filter bag of the dust collector is replaced with a ceramic filter cartridge. At the same time, the ceramic filter cartridge is impregnated with a denitration catalyst. The dust collector can perform dual functions of flue gas purification and catalyst denitration at the same time, so there is no need to set up a huge denitration reactor, which saves space and makes the equipment layout more compact.

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SDS bag filter + SCR denitrification tower dust and nitrate integrated dust collector

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Denitration catalyst + ceramic filter cartridge Ceramic filter cartridge impregnated with catalyst

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2. Introduction of ceramic filter cartridge

2.1 The ceramic filter cartridge can realize the following functions:

1) With the dry process, desulfurization and deacidification and flue gas conditioning, etc.;

2) The flue gas dust is blocked on the surface of the filter tube, and the filter cake layer on the surface of the filter tube can perform secondary desulfurization work;

3) During the process of clean flue gas passing through the filter tube wall, under the action of catalyst, NOX reacts with NH3 and is converted into N2;

4) The purified gas enters the clean air chamber and is discharged through the fan;

5) When the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter tube to a certain value, the compressed air will pulse the filter tube to clean the dust;


2.2 Advantages of ceramic filter cartridges:

The composite ceramic denitration and dust removal filter tube can be designed in separate compartments, each compartment is independent, and the composite ceramic fiber tube can be maintained online or replaced.

Internally loaded catalyst, the composite ceramic fiber filter tube with catalytic function can realize the integration of dry desulfurization, dust removal and denitration, which can greatly reduce the floor space and space, and save investment costs.

The denitration catalyst is evenly impregnated and incorporated into the inner layer of the ceramic fiber filter tube, and after the outer layer is effectively filtered, the occurrence of catalyst blockage, poisoning or deactivation can be effectively avoided.

The composite ceramic fiber filter tube has high porosity, small air resistance, high filtration accuracy, particulate filtration efficiency of >99.99%, and NOx removal efficiency of more than 95%, which can meet national and local ultra-low emission standards.

The applicable temperature range is wide, the temperature adaptation range is 250℃~450℃, and high removal and reaction efficiency can be achieved within this temperature window.

No need for exhaust whitening treatment, the dry process combined with the integrated technology of composite ceramic fiber filter tubes can replace the traditional wet process, greatly reduce operating costs and back-end disposal costs, and achieve ultra-clean flue gas emissions. It is currently a relatively advanced flue gas. purification technology.

3. National key encouragement technology

This technical form has been widely used in coking/glass/kiln/boiler, etc., and is a major environmental protection technology encouraged by the state;

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