Heating furnace

The core personnel are mainly from the former well-known metallurgical design institutes and industrial furnace companies in China. The core team has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and the project has experienced hundreds of industrial furnaces. It has a solid technical level and rich project management experience. kiln, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, etc., continue to develop and promote new technologies, and have won unanimous approval from customers.

For various types of heating furnaces, we have deep technical reserves and accumulation of experience, especially when the pressure on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection is becoming more and more stringent, we can also provide customers with heating furnaces:

    ——Gas blowback to solve the problem of direct gas discharge of regenerative heating furnace;

    ——Low nitrogen combustion, through control during the combustion process, to achieve low nitrogen oxide emissions;

    ——Hydraulic potential energy recovery, recovering the potential energy during the descending process of the walking beam, reducing the number of working pumps in the hydraulic station, and realizing the purpose of saving power consumption;

    ——Intelligent combustion to achieve more ideal combustion control and billet heating effect;

    ——Integrated treatment of flue gas desulfurization, dust removal, and denitrification of heating furnace, which can deal with sulfide, nitrogen oxides, and dust problems at the same time, and achieve all discharge standards;

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