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  • How does the desulfurizer work?


    With the strengthening of environmental protection law enforcement, the awareness of environmental protection in the sintered brick and tile industry has been greatly enhanced, and many brick and tile enterprises have launched desulfurization and dust removal facilities. At present, the flue gas desulfurization process used in the brick and tile industry is mostly double-alkali desulfurization, and the desulfurization agents are NaOH and lime (calcium hydroxide). The principle of the double-alkali desulfurization process is to add sodium hydroxide solvent to the clear water tank at one time to make sodium hydroxide desulfurizer (circulating water), and pump it into the desulfurization dust collector for desulfurization.

  • What aspects should we pay attention to when storing and transporting desulfurizers?


    What aspects should we pay attention to when storing and transporting desulfurizers? On the one hand, the storage and transportation of desulfurizers are very important for future use, and there are many details that need attention. Improper management of this aspect, the desulfurizer is easy to deteriorate, the product performance declines, and the use is affected. Therefore, the storage and transportation of desulfurizers should not be careless. So what aspects should we pay attention to in the storage and transportation of desulfurizers? 1. Precautions for storage of desulfurizers.

  • Functional characteristics of desulfurizers


    More than 100 sulfides have been identified in crude oil, which can be divided into three categories: the first category is acidic sulfur compounds, mainly including hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans; the second category is neutral sulfur compounds, mainly sulfides and disulfides. Sulfide. The third category is sulfides with good thermal stability, mainly including thiophene and tetrahydrothiophene.

  • Application and characteristics of iron oxide desulfurizer


    Iron oxide desulfurizer is based on the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, high space velocity and linear velocity of various raw materials in my country's chemical industry. After several years of research, advanced process equipment and advanced technology have been successfully produced. , A new generation of active iron oxide desulfurizer with high activity, high efficiency and high precision at room temperature.

  • The main purpose of the performance of the desulfurizer


    Desulfurizers are favored by users because of their large sulfur capacity and low price. For its basic information, we have given you a detailed introduction before, so at least it will not be unfamiliar when you see it now. This desulfurizer can be regenerated by air at room temperature and is very popular in the market. The following will explain its performance and main uses for everyone.

  • Inventory some basic information of desulfurizers


    When we see the desulfurizer, I believe that many people are still relatively unfamiliar, because if we don’t remove it very much, we don’t know what it is used for. In fact, this product has a wide range of uses. In order to allow more People can be familiar with it, let's introduce some basic information of desulfurizer? If you want to know, come check it out.


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