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    The core personnel are mainly from the former well-known metallurgical design institutes and industrial furnace companies in China. The core team has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and the project has experienced hundreds of industrial furnaces. It has a solid technical level and rich project management experience. kiln, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, etc., continue to develop and promote new technologies, and have won unanimous approval from customers. For various types of heating furnaces, we have profound technical reserves and accumulation of experience, especially when the pressure on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection is becoming more and more stringent, we can also support customers in terms of heating furnaces: ——Gas blowback to solve the problem of regenerative heating furnace gas The problem of straight exhaust; - low nitrogen combustion, through the control during the combustion process,

  • Various types of steel rolling heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces


    The following only lists some types of heating furnace projects: A. Slab furnace, walking furnace, end in and end out, conventional combustion (air preheating) B. Strip heating furnace, push steel furnace, end in and side out, double Regenerative C. Large rod heating furnace, walking furnace, side in and side out, single regenerative D. Rod and wire heating furnace, walking furnace, side in and side out, conventional combustion (air and gas double preheating) E. Pipe / Reheating furnaces such as round bars, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment furnaces


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