Industrial industry
  • Lime Kiln (Single-machine complete project)


    Product: Lime Kiln
    Product application: Limestone block and powder are used in sintering, iron making and steel making in iron and steel industry, calcium carbide industry is used in calcium carbide industry, lime is used in chlor-alkali industry to make industrial soda ash, caustic soda, limestone, cement, glass and paper industry use lime to make limestone, Cement, glass, paper.

  • Producer (stand-alone complete project)


    Product: Hot dirty producer gas Cold clean producer gas
    Product application: hot dirty gas is generally used in machinery, metallurgy, refractory and glass industries; cold clean producer gas is generally used in ceramics, fine chemicals and other industries that require high fuel cleanliness and areas with high environmental protection requirements; because The cold-cleaning furnace gas is relatively clean, the gas production system has a high degree of automation, and is relatively environmentally friendly, so it is widely used;

  • Preform production line


    Products: Preforms, bottle caps
    Product application: PET is formed into preforms by injection molding, and the preforms are reprocessed by blow molding to form plastic bottles.

  • Refractory production line


    Products: magnesia carbon refractory brick, magnesia aluminum carbon refractory brick, aluminum magnesia carbon refractory brick, magnesia gunning material, alumina castable
    Product application: Mainly used for large converter and ultra-high power electric furnace ladle lining and out-of-furnace refining furnace lining, etc.


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